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How to Become an Animator

Bachelor's degree

Many employers prefer workers who have well developed technical skills and a strong portfolio. The majority of animators and multimedia artists require a bachelor's degree in art, computer graphics or a similar field. It is vital to be fluent in the technical skills and have the major work portfolio that employers are seeking.

Education & Training

A bachelor's degree is the minimum requirement along with a well organized portfolio and great technical skills. Animators and multimedia artists commonly have a bachelor's degree in animation, computer graphics or fine art. Studies in computer graphics commonly include classes in graphic design, programming and computer science.

There are a variety of bachelor's degree programs available in art. They often include classes in sculpture, drawing and painting. Animation degrees commonly include classes in film, animation and drawing. There are a variety of schools offering specialized degrees in topics including game design or interactive media.


Certain animation studios rely on their own computer applications and software when it comes to creating films. They provide on-site training to their employees on how to use this software. It is common for animators to be hired for a probationary period until they can prove they have the necessary talent and skills to become a permanent employee.

Skills and Qualities that will Help

Artistic talent: Artists and animators ideally require artistic ability and a broad understanding of light, texture and color. They need to have excellent technical skills in order to compensate for any artistic shortcomings.

Communication skills: Animators and multimedia artists work as part of a complex team of many people working towards a common goal. They need to be able to handle constructive feedback and criticism in order to finish tasks.

Computer skills: A variety of animators and multimedia artists do the majority of their own work when it comes to writing programming code or using computer programs. Individuals who are super artistic may be able to find jobs that do not require excellent computer skills.

Creativity: Animators and artists need to be able to create original ideas and be creative in order to make these concepts come alive.

Time-management skills: The majority of game design companies and studio design companies require extensive hours; especially when there are tight deadlines to make. Animators and artists need good time management skills when they are approaching a deadline in order to make it.